A. Culture and Space Network Book Series


  • Culture & Space in the Home Environment, with an Introduction by Roderick J. Lawrence,  Edited by S. Mete Ünügür, Orhan Hacıhasanoğlu, Hülya Turgut, 1999

ISBN 975-7632-50-3, Price: $15

  • Culture & Space in the Home Environment: critical evaluation and new paradigms, Proceeding of the First International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network, 2000

ISBN 975-93779-0-X.

  • Cultural & Spatial Diversity in the Urban Environment, Edited by Hülya Turgut & Peter Kellett, 2001

ISBN 975-8599-04-6

  • Traditional Environments in a New Millennium, Proceeding of the Second International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network, Edited by Hülya Turgut & Peter Kellett, YEM, 2002

ISBN 975-585-281-6

  • Social Change and Spatial Transformation in Housing Environments, Proceeding of the Third International Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network, Edited by Elmira  Sener, Isil Hacihasanoglu, Hulya Turgut Yildiz, 2005  

ISBN 975-561-270-X

  • 'Appropriate Home': Can we design 'appropriate' residential environments?, Proceeding of the Joint Symposium of IAPS-CSBE Network and HBRC, Edited by Dina Shehayeb, Hülya Turgut Yıldız, Peter Kellett, 2006

ISBN 977-17-4798-3

  • Revitalizing Built Environments:Requalifying Old Places for New Uses, Proceedıngs, Joint Symposium of IAPS-CSBE and HOUSING Network, Edited by Hülya Turgut and  Yasemin İnce Güney, 2009  (CD format)

ISBN 978-975-561-359-8


BOOKS in Turkish with summary in English


  • 2008: "Trilye: Değişim, Dönüşüm, Transformasyon"-Kültür ve Mekan Tasarım Atolyeleri 2, Derleyenler: Hülya Turgut Yıldız, Özen Eyüce,IAPS-CSBE Network Kitap serisi, Şan Ofset: Mayıs 2008, İstanbul.        

  • 2009: “Kent, Kültür ve Konut”   Kültür ve Mekan Toplantıları , ulusal sempozyum:1, Derleyenler: Hülya Turgut Yıldız, Ahmet  Eyüce,IAPS-CSBE Network Kitap serisi 7,Uğur Yayınları,2009,İstanbul.



B. IAPS-Hogrefe Series


  • Requalifying the Built Environment: Challenges and Responses,  Edited by R.J. Lawrence, H. Turgut, & P. Kellett, Eds., Hogrefe, Germany, 2012



C. Articles, Special Dossiers in Journals


  •  2006: Culture, Space and Time: Traditional Environments, Edited by Hulya Turgut Yıldız, Peter Kellett, Open House International, Special Issue, December.06, Vol : 31 No: 4

  • 2010: Special Issue: CULTURE,  SPACE and REVITALISATION: Strategies and Experiences of Urban Renewal and Transformation, Editors:Hulya Turgut, Rod Lawrence and Peter Kellett, in OPEN HOUSE INTERNATIONAL, December 2010 vol .35 no.4

  • 2013: Istanbul as a palimpsest city and imperfection, Editör: Hülya Turgut, A/Z Journal, SPRING-2013, Volume 10-no:1, ITU-Journal of Faculty of Archıtecture, İstanbul,