A. International Symposium Series

take place approximately every four years and are organized to encourage the participation of scholars and practitioners from a range of countries as well as different disciplinary and professional perspectives.



5th Symposium+Workshop:  

Borders: Conflict and/or Potential / Experiencing NICOSIA

Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and HERA-C, EMU, Famagusta, CYPRUS, October 2015

4th Symposium:  

Revitalizing Built Environments: Requalifying Old Places For New Uses

Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and the IAPS – HOUSING Network, Istanbul – Turkey , 12-16 October 2009

3rd Symposium:  

Social Change and Spatial Transformation In Housing Environments

5- 6 July, 2005, Istanbul – Turkey
Under the umbrella of XXII. UIA World Congress of Architecture, U I A 2 0 0 5 I S T A N B U L 4- 7 July, 2005, Istanbul – TURKEY

2nd Symposium:  

Traditional Environments in a New Millennium: Defining Principles and Professional Practice

20-23 June 2001, Amasya, Turkey

1st Symposium:  

Culture & Space in Home Environment, Critical Evaluations / New Paradigms

June 1997, Istanbul – Turkey

B. IAPS Joint Network Series


Knowledge for Climate Proof Urban Development

IAPS Housing Network supported by Culture Space and Sustainability Networks,

Dar es Salaam, September 2017

Sustainable environments in a changing global context

25-28 June 2013, University of A Coruña, Spain, Jointly Organized by People-Environment Research Group, IAPS – HOUSING Network, IAPS-CSBE Network and the Sustainability Network

Continuity and Change of Built Environments- Housing, Culture and Space across Lifespans

October 10-14, 2011, Daegu, Korea, Jointly Organized by IAPS-CSBE Network and the IAPS – HOUSING Network

C. International Symposia Series

takes place within the IAPS main conferences and other symposias

C. International Symposia Series

takes place within the IAPS main conferences and other symposias


Unveiling the Place of Urban Culture Architectural Pedagogy and Practice

Rome, July 2018, Education Network and  Culture and Space Network     

Urban Renewal and Transformation Experiences in Istanbul

October 2009

Urban Transformation and Renewal of Historical Environments

İstanbul, June 2009

Appropriate Home: designing appropriate residential environments

Alexandria, 2006

Culture, Space and Education Symposia jointly with the Education network:  

Cities, Cultural Diversity and Design Pedagogy

Rome 2008

Revitalizing Built Environments: Lessons from Design Studio Teaching Practices

Istanbul 2009


A. National Culture and Space Symposium Series

These take place approximately every three years in Turkish with keynote speeches in English


Istanbul and Housing Culture: Change, Transformation, Continuity

Istanbul, December 2016

City, Culture and Space


City, Culture and Space


B. The National Culture and Space Meeting Series

Under the framework of IKSV ‘Istanbul Culture and Art Foundation’ Istanbul Design Biennial, IAPS-CS ‘Culture and Space’ Network had organized  “The National culture and Space Meeting Series"  in Turkey three times in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

In 2019   we are organizing the 4th one. IAPS-CS Network Activities will include design workshops, article anthology/essay competition, student design competition, exhibition/ colloquium/symposium and publication. 


Sonsuz bir Artikülasyon Örneği Olarak İstanbul

Istanbul, September 2018 - February 2019

the theme of the third Istanbul Design Biennial:  

Are we Human?:The Design of Species /Endless Layers of Design

Istanbul, September - December 2016

the theme of the second Istanbul Design Biennial:  

The Future is Not What it is Used to be in Istanbul

Istanbul, September - December 2014

*this  series of events  was awarded as one of the most succesful  three projects  out of 72 projects at the Academy Platform

the theme of the first Istanbul Design Biennial:  

Istanbul and Imperfection of its Layers

Istanbul, September - December 2012

C. Workshops


Memory, Traces and City: Şişli - Bomonti

Istanbul, 7-9-12 March 2016